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What Is SEO?

SEO is the ultimate type of marketing. There are literally hundreds of people searching for your product or services right now! Best of all, they are ready to BUY RIGHT NOW! With SEO, we improve your rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  So the next time someone searches for your business you will be the #1 result they come across and call.


Why Do SEO?

Would you like more profits? Of course you would. With SEO you will get targeted traffic that wants to do business with you right now! SEO offers the highest Return Of Investment out of any marketing strategy. The main reason is you will have the customers coming to you! No more cold calls, no more trying to find the right customer. They will come knocking on your door!


SEO vs. Pay Per Click

It has been proven that SEO is a lot more affordable than PPC. With SEO you don’t have to worry about going over budget or spend lots of money. SEO with our company costs pennies on the dollar compared to what the same traffic would cost with PPC.  Talk about ROI!


How Much Does SEO Cost?

The cost for SEO varies from industry to industry and keyword to keyword. We offer packages for both small and large budgets. Our goal is to give you the maximum amount of customers for your desired budget. For more on pricing, be sure to fill out the quote request form above.


How Long Does It Take To Rank?

When it comes to ranking of your site there are many variables that go into place. We have ranked sites within a couple of weeks and other worldwide keywords have taken about 2-3 months.  For a more accurate timeframe, please give us a call.


Why Choose Prime Online Solutions?

Service. Pricing. Results. When you sign up with our company you are joining our team. We pride ourselves in providing #1 rankings and seeing the joy and excitement from our customers when they rank #1. Moreover, take into account our results for ‘seo miami’, we are the #1 ranked company in our industry. Would you want to work with a company that pays for ads for the “service” they claim to offer? Or would you want to work with a proven leader in the industry? If our own work does not impress you, then speak with any of our customers that currently are ranking thousands of keywords on the first page of google!
















More About SEO In Miami, Fl

Many small business owners are now moving towards the online side of things. I know as a small business owner you would prefer to stick to what you know how to do, run your business. For this reason many small business owners are paying money to companies that build and design websites. It is actually a great idea to do so because most people show online and in actual stores nowadays.

The days of spending hours driving around town for a specific item are gone. Finding what you need online is easier than ever. So as you can see, having your own online site to display your product or service is crucial.

It is important to attract online customers to your site. Recently, the term SEO has gained lots of popularity. It means “search engine optimization”. What you basically aim for is for your business to be at the top of the major search engines for your product or service. For example, take a customer in Los Angeles.

This customer is in need of a plumber urgently. Back in previous times, she would have to reach for a directory book like the yellow pages. Now, she simply types in “plumber in los Angeles”. Immediately, the search engine returns results for local plumbers. The company she calls is using SEO to get to the top of the search engine for the service they provide which is plumbing. This strategy is one that all online businesses should look into. The reasons are simple; you will not get any business or sales if nobody sees your website. Think of your website as your product. If you don’t show it to potential customers, you will not sell any.

This type of direct SEO is the most profitable because you are targeting customers that already know what product or service they want. It is important on focusing on just these customers. The reason I mention that is that some of the search engines offer a different type of online marketing. It is usually referred to as Pay-per-click. This means that you only pay when a customer clicks on your advertisement.

The concept sounds fair until you research the actual process more. The main fault to this type of online advertising is that you aren’t focusing on specific products or services sometimes. For example, say you provide a house cleaning service.

You want to target customers who search for “house cleaning in Los Angeles”. However, with a pay per click ad, your ad may appear on searches for “blind cleaning in San Francisco” or “carpet cleaning service in Irvine”. The result is that the customer clicks on your ad but then sees that what you really do is house cleaning in Los Angeles.

This is bad because the customer will not call you and you still have to pay for that click. Depending on your keyword, a click may cost you anywhere from $3 to $73. Getting unwanted clicks can quickly drain your advertising budget. For this reason, going with SEO is a better way to get customers to click on your site who are already looking for what you offer.

Another great reason why SEO is preferred to pay per click ads is that you don’t have to pay per click. Most SEO companies will charge you a flat fee for a search term or keyword. This means that you can get an unlimited amount of clicks and still pay the flat fee. You can really tell the difference in cost when you start doing the numbers.

Let me give you an example to illustrate my point. For the search terms “plumber in Los Angeles” lets say you have to pay $10 per click. However, that search term is searched for 1000 times a month. If you were to get about 100 clicks for that, you are looking at spending $1000 for that month. With SEO, you would pay a flat fee which would probably be around $500-$800 and you wouldn’t have to worry about unwanted clicks. So the price would be lower and you would actually get more clicks.

The reason I say this is because there have been independent studies done to find out how many clicks SEO can really get you. If your website is in the top position for a search term, you are projected to get 56% of the total searches for that search term. This means that for a search term with 1000 searches a month, you can expect to get about 560 clicks to your site if you are in the first overall position for that search term.

This is where you can see a big difference in cost as opposed to pay per click. Using my previous example, you would pay $5600 for those 560 clicks or $800 for the same amount. The difference is enough to push your online business to the next level. As you can see, there are many benefits to SEO. Targeted exposure is by far the greatest.

After all, we would gladly pay money to get customers to buy from us. Just how much you pay will depend on what method of online marketing you choose. The big companies are usually using SEO as opposed to pay per click. That should tell you a little something about the strategy of attracting potential sales to your site.

Once you are ready to move forward with SEO, there are things to look for. Look for a company who doesn’t lock you into a contract. I see contracts in the SEO business as a red flag. There is nothing guaranteeing results if you are locked in. Another thing to look for is for companies that offer results. The SEO business is unique but results driven.

Nobody can promise or guarantee results because they are constantly changing. For this reason, some SEO companies are now offering free trials. This is a great way to judge a companies performance without committing to anything. So make sure you look around and good luck!